About Leisa 
I am a Unique, Passionate, Sassy, Authentic, Driven Woman!
Therefore, I am impacting this world by helping others Take Action Fearlessly to be the Rockstar they were created to be! 
Meet ME, Leisa Jenkins!  
I am the founder of Take Action Fearlessly!  I am a certified life coach trained in many modalities including NLP and DISC.  I have spent thousands of hours coaching people over the last 12 years. I am often referred to as the “coaches' coach.” I train coaches and professionals to reach their highest levels. I am also a speaker and a radio show host.
I understand that while most people seek a vibrant, meaningful life, many are often hindered by obstacles that can obscure and block their pathway to success. Reaching your full potential in life requires courage, clarity, motivation, and resolve.

My Company was designed to help you move from where you have been, where you are right now, and where you want to go. I have helped thousands of people declutter their lives and Take Action.  Life is full of sacrifices, challenges, obstacles, and storms. I promise to walk beside YOU and support you through the storms of life so that you can live the life you were created to live.   

 I  will never give up on YOU!

Taking Action is the #1 Way to Success
My Career
I am a mother of four and have been happily married since 1999 to the same amazing man! My Christian faith is woven throughout my personal, family, and professional life, helping me to guide and inspire my clients, friends, and family to a life of fulfillment based on compassion, honesty, and respect.
I mentor and coach chiropractic students, doctors, pastors, community leaders, actors, families, children, teachers, speakers, and coaches to serve others with a full heart and an insightful intellect. I have been a radio show host on Channel 1380, The Woman and on Channel 590, The Man. My podcast with Family in Balance is still popular today. I remain a regular contributor on many blogs sites and magazines.

After becoming certified with Kathy Peel, Excalibur Coaching, Focus, and many other training programs, I founded Family in Balance to help people balance their personal and professional lives. I then fell in love with the concept of taking action. After coaching so many people, I realized that one of the main differences between failure and success was whether people had the courage to take the action that was required of them--all the words or knowledge in the world mean nothing if the action does not accompany them. So I founded Take Action Fearlessly, which presents live events in St. Louis and surrounding areas. The events feature many of my students, mentors, and influential speakers in the area. I am known for my passion, energy, and compassion for others. I believe in the beauty and potential of every single person.
My Team
My team is led and trained by me personally. I believe in BEING the BEST YOU can be so that YOU can be the BEST for everyone else. That is why our team is highly supportive of one another, especially during the storms and difficult times of life. We take our philosophy seriously and live it out with each other on a daily basis--so that we can provide the highest level of empathy, understanding, respect, and integrity to others. Our goal is always to provide "Rockstar" services to our clients.

How I Can Help You Have Sucess
I believe in Real Life Changes and Long Lasting Results.
I combine my strengths with a straightforward, action-oriented philosophy that, quite simply, gets real and lasting results.
I can help you overcome your yesterday and open the door to a vibrant tomorrow. I want to take my mission to, "Change the world one person at a time," to every community around us. For that mission, I train exceptional, talented coaches to help me succeed – it takes a team to build an empire of change. Take Action is the result of my gifts, vision, and dreams.
My areas of expertise include conflict resolution (including bullying), one-on-one corporate coaching, seminars, personal development coaching, relationship coaching, and stress management (including post-traumatic stress disorder)--either individually or in groups.

Meet MY Family!  
I am truly blessed by an amazing family.   I know many people say that and I often wonder if they mean it.   I DO!   I have been married for 20 years.  Our marriage comes first.    We allow each other to be who were created to be, just as we are.   That is the key to a successful marriage and family.  Do my kids fight?  YEP!   And I cherish those moments.   We teach and guide.   That's why they were given to us.    We have one boy in college, 2 girls in between, and a boy in 2nd grade.   YES, I am super mom and I love it!  We eat dinner every night as a family and spend most weekends together.  We have the "cool house" so there are always extra kids here.   When I am not working, I am with my family and taking care of me!   
Our Family in 2018/2019
2018/2019 were two crazy years to say the least.   I literally broke my ankle and leg in two.  I was out for 7 months - no driving! YIKES.  Shortly after that, my daughter was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome.   And in the midst of that, I had all kinds of business drama.   I came back stronger than ever and am ready to WIN!  These last few years have brought our family to a new level together.    If you are wondering about my daughter's diagnosis, watch this video recorded just days before her surgery!  
Life is hard. Most people understand that they will sacrifice for things they love. But they often do not understand or know why they will often sacrifice the good things in life for something that they really do NOT want. The human psyche is not always easy to comprehend.
I understand the power that comes with understanding why you do the things you do. When that clarity comes, people can learn how to use their own personal story to serve themselves and the people in their lives. We want people to know they have a chance in this world to discover the greatness that is just waiting to be unleashed within them. We do not want them struggling to figure it out on their own.

I grew up with challenges. I understand pain, sadness, and sacrifice. I know firsthand what it takes to lead others while growing a business, raising a family, and battling obstacles along the way. My powerful "WHY" is coaching and teaching people how to overcome the storms of life like I have done so that they can fully embrace the joys of life. My powerful "WHY" gets stronger every day as I set out to prove that your story happened for a reason. I spread hope, energy, and encouragement wherever I go. With no judgment, I along with my team will walk beside you one day at a time as you take this life-changing journey.

 I made the conscious decision to surround myself with mentors, coaches, and others who share the same desire to serve people. I eventually found my passion in coaching others on how to live life to its fullest, just as I learned to,  by letting go of the negative and embracing the positive.
As a coach, I will guide you in aligning yourself with who you really are. You will learn to understand your own personality, emotions, and interactions with others. My coaching team and I will empower you to bring your life into balance and achieve extraordinary results.

My Career Accomplishments 
Below is an awesome list of things I have done!    
Remember your sucesss. It feels great!   
I finally found my Jam in High School during my Junior Year and I took off from there with 21 years of struggles and failures.   
I joined marketing my junior year and was part of a work study program. That marketing class and my teacher helped me find myself. While in school, I tried a few jobs like Burger King and hated it! So I landed a job with my mom at a podiatrist office and worked there for 10 years. While I did it to have money in the bank, the entrepreneur side of me was always present. My last year of high school I was president of marketing, met the man I am married to today, got pregnant, bought a house, got married, and graduated school. YES, all at the same year! That was a success in my book. While having kids and working, I always juggled 10 balls at one time. 

Throughout the next 20 years, I had many different jobs and responsibilities: I was a trustee of our subdivision, president of a 4x4 drive club, vice president of FFIC, a planning and zoning commissioner, built a direct sales business with Homemade Gourmet with a giant team, built a business with Primerica and gave family financial plans. From there I was a children's director at my church and helped run and build the church. I have run networking groups, masterminds, and events. I have had business partnerships, volunteered for many organizations, have done radio and podcasts. I was a professional organizer and family manager coach. I even worked in Branson for 6 months selling Timeshares. I have seen it all  . . . and gosh, so much more! I say this because I want you to know my biggest success was growing my family while doing all of this. I have had my faith in God through each day and the awesome people he has brought in my life. People who have helped impacted my life on so many levels. People who have been part of my life through ups and downs. I am grateful for each of YOU! If it were not for the all the people who believed in me, I would not be where I am today. These years were full of financial stress, chaos, lots of tears, and many restless nights, but I would do it all over again. I am a very successful and established woman who is just getting started!
For the last 8 Years I have been exclusively impacting lives through what God has called me to do and have been 100% present for the last four!  Coaching, Speaking, Training

I am a sought after speaker. 

I have thousands of hours in coaching individuals. 

I have trained many coaches. 

I have written for many magazines and blogs. 

I have done Radio and Podcasts.

Deep Dive About ME
MY I AM Statement 
I am a Unique, Passionate, Sassy, Authentic, Driven Woman! 

Therefore, I am impacting this world by helping others Take Action Fearlessly to be the Rockstars they were created to be! 
My DISC Profile
My Strengths
One gift that sets me apart from other coaches is my ability to see clarity in conflict and chaos. Where counselors and psychologists may fail, I have the analytical insight to provide real solutions for real-life success. I believe that with faith, belief, and action anything is possible.
My Daily Routine 
I am up at 5am!  I get my work out in!  I pray! I get ready!  I spend time with my family! I clean my house!   I listen to Pastor Rick Warren!  I listen to music!   Then it's 9am!   My work day begins!  I serve people!    When its 4pm, I am back with my awesome family!  EVERYDAY!   I have things come up, and I just go with it. I am very flexible!!  
My Weekends
God tIme! ME TIME! FAMILY TIME! CHORE TIME!    And  sometimes, YES, Work Time!   
My Hobbies/personal Passion 
Gardening, hiking, music, singing, traveling, and being with awesome people, and I love to work! 
My Goals for 2019 
Grow spiritually, lose 60 pounds, impact 1000's of people and make $, take a trip with my hubby and kids, and get our house renovated.   
My 2017 & 2018 Vision Boards 
Fun Facts about Me!
I can't spell nor do I know where commas go, but I love exclamation points!!
I am not a country music fan but I will watch a country movie!!!
I am not political at all.

I sleep with a light on.

I cook most things on broil. 

I don't do scary movies.

My favorite thing to do for myself is go on a processing trip alone without people, but it won't last long. 

I could not spell my middle name until I was 13.

I won't leave the house unless I look great!!!

I don't watch funny movies!!!

I want to be a runner. It's my big life goal! 

I love candlelight around the house.

I like my house clean, but it's not always easy.

I wanted to be a singer when I grew up and my kids say I am the loudest one at church.

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